Use Moot Together With Slack

Moot logo
the logo of the integrated app

When you connect your Moot workspace to Slack, the @moot bot will pass Moot notifications so that you can always pass updates to your team. (You can always tweak frequency and other settings.)

So whenever someone in your team joins the room in a workspace, a message is broadcast to the #channel of your choice in Slack.

Moot workspace summaries are also delivered to your #channel of your choice in Slack so you can build a picture of the team activity for the day.

A convenient /moot command is available in Slack to everyone on the team. They can use it to join a room at any time or get a summary of information from the workspace or team.

When you connect Moot and Slack, it won’t add all of the people in your Slack workspace but rather you, or another team admin, can choose who you’d like to have check-in.

an image of the integration