Why we're building Moot

James Stirrat-Ellis

James Stirrat-Ellis

Founder, Moot

28th June 2022

Moot - Make meetings engaging for your team

The reality of remote

Moot exists because of one realisation. Remote work is efficient, but it’s not engaging. We’ve observed that when teams go remote and/or async, they tend to struggle with these three problems.

1. Too many tools to use

Alignment within teams has become harder because each team has a different set of tools and a unique way of working, and the desktop doesn't limit possibilies, but multiplies them. Engineering might write docs in Github, while the Design team uses Figma and Adobe creative suite for example.

2. Inefficiency of information flow

Email, Slack, and Zoom (or Teams) have generally become the de-facto coordination layer within a company. But it’s not realistic to expect these tools to be the foundation for your business -- they don’t have enough structure. They weren’t built for it. Often docs are duplicated, messages are repeated & energy is placed into work that is often lost or forgotten. This is valuable time that could and should be spent on creative tasks that will push the business forward, not just keep it ticking.

3. Collaboration dulls in comparison to IRL

All these tools were built to save time and make work more engaging. Now, that we’ve largely decided against the shared context of the office (a place that confines what work can take place), we’re forced to operate at our company’s lowest common denominator: Slack, Email, Zoom & Teams. We spend hours working through these apps each week, translating our work from one language to another. Unlike the office, which was a place defined by the company, our work is often defined by these apps. As a result, working solely in remote has become unsustainable and boring.

Enter Moot

These problems are what Moot is here to solve. Moot is an all-in-one workspace that is fully collaborative (video enabled with multiplayer cursors) and customisable (a dashboard that is a canvas for companies to build their workflows, exactly how they like). On Moot, you work from anywhere in a shared space with the rest of your team, through one single interface. Instead of opening up a half dozen or so different apps to collab remote, you open Moot. Want to work with somebody? You don’t need to schedule a call, be on camera, or type a message. Just talk and navigate the dashboard. It's full of your favourite integrations and fun apps that make Moot multiplayer compete with the best parts of the office. Here's the main three benefits:

1. All-in-one

It’s all in one place, including the tools you already use. Connect & manage your distributed team, effortlessly. See who’s around, talk and collaborate in one click. Great for onboarding, highlighting information and meeting within teams.

2. Connect to your suite of cloud apps

We are building integrations and connections to the wide collection of cloud apps including Google Drive, Google Calendar, Slack, Notion and more. Update and collect your remote tech stack in one place and build your team dashboards exactly like you would a space in the office. It's all your tools in one interface.

3. Blocks for everything

Initially Moot substitutes for quick, human fuelled, real time collaboration. We’re building block blocks for everything you can imagine. Brainstorming, note taking, face-to-face calling, chat, celebrations and more. It’s a fully customisable, plug and play system to build you team exactly how you need it to be. This pure modularity is what makes us different.

Does that sound exciting? If so, get in touch, book a demo, partner with us. Whether remote, hybrid or async, we're building the infrastructure for the future of work & we want your company to be part of the journey. Let's make it great.

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