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Frontend engineer

We're building a team to build the best home for remote companies

Moot is an all-in-one workspace that makes remote work a multiplayer experience, so teams can collaborate better, faster and cheaper. We are here to build the future of remote work - a future that is integrated, simplifying and above all, engaging. You can read more about why.

You'll build Moot with us

As our first Engineer, you'll be helping to shape both our product and the culture of the Moot company. You'll work closely with Moot's founders, James & Sam, who'll give you all the support you need to build amazing experiences on the Moot product.

Each day is often different, but typically you'll be working to:

Prioritise, build, and test product features, bug fixes

Decide on the best way to approach new builds

Improve existing parts of the product into joyful experiences for the end user

Liaise on designs, conversing on what will make Moot an amazing product now and into the future

Who we're looking for

We're looking for smart, autonomous and dependable engineers who want to build great experiences within a forward facing product. You should apply if...

you have strong opinions on how to design, build and manage design driven products

one of your favourite things to do is create experience that surprise and delight

you're a good communicator, able to give and recieve constructive feedback

you're flexible and consider yourself a bit of a generalist, enjoying to learn new things and pitch in on tasks outside of you discipline

you're excited to join and early stage team where you are able to build a culture and company from the ground up

What experience we're looking for

We're looking for people who:

Have experience designing and building amazing experiences on operating production systems

Are comfortable navigating the present and future of web practices

Are comfortable writing front end code that melds with industry standard backend practices

Can design and implement performant and secure components and frontend systems

Can effortlessly manage state across the frontend

Are able to work in uncertainty to carry projects from an initial idea through to a performant and reliable final implementation

Our technical stack

We use Typescript as our main language as it allows us to write code cleaner and faster. We also use:

React, for our JS libary of choice

Next.js for the building blocks of the Moot product

Vercel for easy deployment

TailwindCSS for beautiful and quick styling

DaisyUI (a Tailwind component library) for the base of our design system

Github (actions and projects) for pipeline and deployment

Supabase for authentication, identity management

Interview process

We want our interview process to be as straightforward and enjoyable as possible, where we put a lot of effort on making the process as close to the experience of working with us as possible.

The first step will be a quick call to discuss the basics and decide whether it's a good fit

Follow up with a domain specific exercise (if preferred, you can provide us with a great piece of work you've been responsible for and we can discuss that)

A one hour general technical interview (that is actually relevant to the job), usually this is in the form of pairing together to work through some real issues or case studies

Once finished we're pretty quick to let you know the outcome, to which you'll be invited to an optional (& compensated) trial period to which you can see if the job meets your expectations. Trials usually last between 1-3 months.

How to apply

Please email CV to, along with a link to the best project you've worked on. We really value cover letters, as they show us you have an attention to detail and craft. In that you can tell us about more about you, how you found out about Moot, and what excites you about working with us! We'll be in touch soon after.

Benefits and options

We offer a salary of £40,000 - £80,000 (negotiable), plus 0.4% - 0.8% ownership of Moot via tax-efficient EMI stock options. We'll be growing our package of benefits over time (based on what people actually use and need), but we currently offer:

  • Work from anywhere

    We're currently working from home, with an IRL week every 6 weeks in between our cycles

  • Async friendly

    A 7 day workweek where you can choose the hours you work, meaning you don't have to work a M-F 9-5.

  • Health insurance

    Comprehensive private medical insurance that covers medical and dental

  • Encouraged holiday

    28 days flexible holiday (that we encourage you to take)

  • Choose your software

    Access to SaaS and software of your choosing to make you happier and give you greater flow

  • Self improvement budget

    A 50% contribution to a self-improvement endeavours

  • Pension

    A workplace pension scheme, where we pay 3% if you pay 5% of your monthly salary → A brand new computer of your choice

  • Setup

    A brand new computer, with an exta £1k to build your ideal set up

Our culture

We are a team of generalists that like to push the boundaries of work. We are fully remote and optionally asyncronous. We believe diversity is powerful and as such we're committed to building a diverse and inclusive team where everyone is empowered to do their best work.

  • 80/20

    Our aim is to always do the most, with the least. Stretching ourselves in terms of comfort zone. Always be pushing to be better.

  • Creative and open minded

    We're always open to hearing new ideas, and will give you room (and support) to ship them.

  • Independent and autonomous

    We'll give you full control over how you decide to execute.

  • Results orientated

    If you're looking to be judged on output and talent, rather than time or face, Moot is a place for you.