Moot raises $500,000 round led by Richard Koch

James Stirrat-Ellis

James Stirrat-Ellis

Founder, Moot

30th April 2022

Moot - Make meetings engaging for your team

Over the past year, I've been busy talking to investors and founders from all over the world about what we're building. And although we were successful in raising captial, we did not initially share our success! So with this post, I'm pleased to share that Moot has raised $500,000 in a round led by Richard Koch.

Richard is a leading UK investor – having backed amazing companies like Betfair, What3Words, and Grind. Richard understood our vision and, in addition to supporting the company, focused on supporting me as an individual. Richard has been, and I am sure will continue to be, a fantastic partner for Moot as we grow.

We have been using the money to build a small but mighty team of engineers and designers. Since building our beta, we've had demand with great companies — and that’s before we are anywhere near the completion of our inital vision. Again, this investment will enable us to put in the time and effort required to build a great product, and to meet everybody's high expectations in building the canvas for building a great remote organisation.

We know capital is important to show our customers that they can trust their investments into using Moot. Thus, it's an absolute privilege to have the financial backing we need to dedicate all of our working time and energy to building Moot & we’re extremely grateful for all of the support we’ve recieved. Even though we’ve been in the tunnel building out Moot for a few months now, we know we’re only 1% done.

Finally, I'd like to give my thanks to everybody who has followed our journey, signed up, taken the time to give feedback, and spread the word about Moot. It’s easy to forget how much goes into building a company. But it's a definitely easier when you have so many people who cheer you on.

Thank you all!

James S-E

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