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24th April 2023

Moot - Make meetings engaging for your team

It's been a quiet few months of building Moot, where we've been focused on making Moot suitable for larger teams and ironing out all the functionality that we've been meaning to add throughout the past months. Today, we're excited to share some of the latest features we've been working on, as well as declare some bugs well and truly fixed. Let's get into it!

No auth workspaces

This feature allows you to create and share workspaces without requiring guests to log in, making it even easier to try Moot, as well as collaborate with external partners or clients. Beyond team collaboration, we've seen it used for research, therapy, creative writing and more. Pretty neat!

Keeping this section short as no auth workspaces has many overlaps with our meetings product, which we posted here. Have a read if you're interested!

Otherwise if you're interested in trying for yourself, we've created a dedicated link here. Otherwise you can always test no auth workspaces by going to our landing page, and clicking 'try Moot for free'.


This one is for teams with multiple projects on the go. To provide a more organized and efficient way to access your workspaces, we've added a new Lobby feature. The Lobby is a centralized space where all your team members and guests can gather before entering a specific workspace. This helps streamline the process of joining meetings, keeping your team organized and focused on the task at hand.

It also has the added benefit of seeing who is working in which workspace, as well if there is a call in progress. You can access the lobby, simply by logging into Moot, where it will be the first screen you see.

External guests For a long time, for Moot to work with other collaborators, they needed to be invited as a member of the workspace. This meant that they needed to create an account etc. However, we know that collaboration doesn't always happen just within your team.

With our new External Guests feature, you can now invite partners, clients, or other collaborators outside your organization to temporarily join your Moot workspace. You can do this by hitting the 'invite' button in sidebar of your workspace, choosing the 'edit permissions' option. From there you can toggle the accessibility of the workspace and copy the link to share with others.

Dedicated integrations

To make Moot even more powerful, we're rolling out dedicated integrations with the most popular tools and platforms of our users, such as Google Workspace, PDFs, and Youtube. These integrations will help you place your team's work and resources, into one dedicated place.

This replaces our initial website embed block (which is still an option through this new block) and is the start of dedicated integrations into Moot.

Fixes & Improvements

Some other things we’ve improved:

  • Reset block back to default
  • New sidebar design
  • Ability to create blocks by hovering over other blocks
  • You can now use Moot on other devices than desktop - mobile, tablet and anything in-between!
  • Use blocks side by side when you screen-share
  • We've added a poll block for when you want
  • Links now display better, including the favicon of the linked site
  • Clearer UX around sub-blocks of the Moot notes block
  • Fixed small bugs around calls not connecting to others
  • Fixed bugs with copying and pasting
  • Made it possible to drag and drop files & images into Moot directly, transforming them into blocks
  • Added transactional email so workspace creator and guests receive a email with the direct link to workspace
  • Made it possible to use the whiteboard outside of full screen mode
  • Added color options to blocks, making it easy to color code your workspace
  • Removed dark mode as we believe Moot should be a source of light in your life ☀️

That’s it - we’d love your support as we continue! Keep it coming with feedback, support on socials & sharing Moot with others. Also a big shoutout to our power users and the sheer amount of feedback they give us -- you know who you are and we appreciate you :-)

James & the Moot team

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