Re-Creating The Office Vibe — v0.1 Changelog

James Stirrat-Ellis

James Stirrat-Ellis

Founder, Moot

21st July 2022

Moot - Make meetings engaging for your team

The Office

At the best of times, working at an office is fun, energizing and lively. On top of that, you can ask your questions easily and move fast. It’s great for collaboration. Teammates chat in the hallways, kitchen, or in the lobby after work, thus there's less need for scheduled meetings. Even the offices at Pixar where designed so that people could have spontaneous meetings in the hallways.

The office also acts as a place to direct work and share culture, something that, beyond calling yourself a remote company, has been largely lost in the isolated experience of the desktop. It’s early days here at Moot but we’re building a multiplayer workspace geared to make remote work the most engaging its ever been.

Already we're using Moot instead of going to office everyday because we can:

  • Casually chat while working, jumping onto video in one click.
  • Keep a single source of truth for high level topics, like notes, todos & whiteboarding (again, with the option of one-click video!).
  • Status, see whos around via their status and their cursor, live on the dashboard.

To make it even better, we're working on embedding several new features:

  1. 🖱  Cursor chat
  2. 🎉  Party mode
  3. 🎨  Themes

We’re also built out serveral new blocks:

  1. 🔖  Bookmarks
  2. 🖋  Whiteboard
  3. 📝  Notes
  4. ✅  Todos
  5. 💬  Bulletins
  6. 🚨 Values
  7. 📆  Dates

Cursor chat

One thing we decided early on was that Moot would not aim to replace other apps in its functionality. Our goal at best is to create light touch versions of what already exists, reinforced by the fact that Moot is a place to convene and collaborate. In that, we don’t seek to build a chat but to add a new experience to how you interact with your wider team.

Shared cursors are our first take on that, and cursor chat is our defining take on that. Whether using Moot video or just meandering on the dashboard, cursor chat allows you to chat with your team easily, effortlessly and most of all, spontaneously.

Party Mode

For some reason we all decided at some point that apps need to be boring and functional. We disagree. We love little touches to apps that make them that be more unpredictable and exciting, and that’s exactly what party mode does.

We’ve added a subtle button that allows anyone in the workspace to activate a shoot of flying confetti with a sound to match.


We’re fed up dealing with static interfaces, customisation is at the core of the Moot experience. We believe that just like the office provides a constrained canvas for culture, so should the digital native office.

We’ve created a range of themes that span both light and dark mode, easily accessible from the dashboard. Now companies can not only design how they work, but the environment they work in.


How many times have you lost a link you wanted to share with a teammate? Whether creating a document of links or trying to pin them to an obscure Notion page, we’ve built a better solution. Shared bookmarks allow teams to pin their most important links visually to their dashboard.


We’re big fans of Miro and Figjam. As tools they have made it 10x easier to brainstorm remotely and natively document the process. What we’re not a massive fan of is having to create a meeting link every time we want to collaborate with faces.

Moot whiteboard is a light touch version of your teams favourite brainstorming tool, allowing you to jot down and work through ideas over one click video. Even better when you can put those thoughts into notes, all in the same place.


Another note app? You got it. The difference here is that unlike every note app, Moot notes are designed to carry only your most important notes from your team. Each workspace carries its own notes and it’s a great way to keep a high level record of all the low level notes spread across everywhere else.


You didn’t think we’d forget about the trusty todos? We did. That was until we used our notes block and realised we want exactly the same high level access for our pending tasks.

Todos are a simple way to categories tasks via header. We also added a subtle feature that allows you to see your (9/10) progress simply by hovering over the block.


Where should we hold our offsite? Do you think Moot is getting better over the past weeks? What should our next blog post be? Often these are the type of messages you see on Slack (or Teams, we don’t judge around here). That is until they get lost.

Bulletins are a way to flag important topics that are a little more pressing than a typical IRC chat message. We’re just about to add comment functionality too, so all those questions can be debated and archived, right on Moot.


Values are the cornerstone of culture, but they’re often left on the dark side of your Wiki. Without an office it’s difficult to communicate values, so that’s why we’re building this block. We want it too. The values block is a simple way to share your values in the same place as you do all your other activities on Moot.


One thing we miss about the office is having a big countdown to milestone events & this is exactly what this block is aiming to recreate. Enter a date for any milestone that you and your team are working towards and watch as the days count down. Star any milestone to bring it top of list.

What's coming?

I'm excited for the upcoming stuff which also include our desktop app coming out later this summer, more blocks, among other cool features. 🚀

You can also join us on Slack to send feature requests.

Moot is the all-in-one workspace for remote teams. Initially Moot substitutes for quick, human fuelled, real time collaboration. As a multiplayer workspace, we’re building block blocks for everything you can imagine. Brainstorming, note taking, face-to-face calling, chat, celebrations and more. It’s a fully customisable, plug and play system to build your virtual exactly how you need it to be. This pure modularity is what makes us different.

Does that sound exciting? If so, get in touch, book a demo, partner with us. Whether remote, hybrid or async, we're building the infrastructure for the future of work & we want your company to be part of the journey. Let's make it great.

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